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What we do

As a non-profit organization, we are working to maximize our potential reaching out to those in real need. The millennium development goals adopted by nations remain a corner stone to Leéiyen in terms of spreading goodwill.

We intend to construct a Malaria research institute for the reduction and possible eradication of the malaria parasite and make malaria in most parts of the world history.
Mobilization for HIV/AIDS prevention, palliative care and advocacy.

Women Empowerment
Empowering women and girls and considering them as an important part of development; also to encourage their participation in decision making, promoting their reproductive health rights and also poverty coping strategies.

Advocating for children's rights for protection from all forms of discrimination, education, information and the mentally and physically disabled.
Fighting child trafficking, helping to preserve their physical and mental integrity, and the purity of their hearts and thoughts.

The Environment
Working on issues on the environment such as environmental impact assessment of projects and activities, protection of medicinal plants and endangered species, facilitate wildlife and environmental protection and also giving advice covering aspects of waste disposal and management. Most of these are geared towards helping to fight climate change and environmental degradation. One of our main goals is encouraging the use of "Green energy"

Advocating for Human Rights
Advocating for human rights, especially on behalf of women and children and protection from all forms of discrimination in education and information. We also protect the rights of the mentally and physically disabled as well as fighting child trafficking. Leéiyen is also out to help preserve their physical and mental integrity and the purity of their hearts and thoughts. All incitement, coercion and encouragement of a child to any sexual activity is sexual harassment.

Sustainable Education
Education remains the main tool through getting any meaningful change. Leéiyen provides access to education to the less privileged and orphans in the form of specially designed scholarship programs, construction of schools and classrooms, school toilets, school laboratories, school play grounds and the teaching of information technology in schools. We also encourage the setting up of community schools where and when necessary. We are also promoting sustainable education and enhancing career orientation.