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Micro Finance

Loans that change lives.
Leéiyen is committed to alleviate poverty and get people in track to a better life. If there is to be a meaningful combat against poverty, Leéiyen has instituted microfinance within its structure targeting people's lives out of poverty. Since poverty is a worm that needs to be conquered, Leéiyen is involved in a loan scheme that aims at helping the poor of the poor who have no or little access to obtaining loans from financial institutions. And to make things work we are incorporating education, capacity building and empowerment for these poor and less fortunate. These are geared towards an improved standard of living and hope for meaningful change not just for the sake of change but for a marked difference. Vulnerable groups, individuals, orphans, widows and single parents stand tall to benefit.

This activity is a challenging task, so for the past years we have been working in close collaboration with our beneficiaries for a careful follow-up. Anyone who has often wanted to benefit has to first of all open an account with us with a very minimal registration before the disbursement of the loan. All our loans are without any interest targeting the less privileged.

We make sure that all the registration procedure carries details and vital information on the individual and purpose for the loan and that are necessary for supervision and follow-up. The scheme is meant for those who:
+ Obtain a loan for a particular investment project/activity.
+ Make profits and repay only the loan balance.
+ Gain financial independence in total control of their activity after repaying the loan.

The loans we give usually range from $80 to $1.500.00 and could be used in the following domains:
+ Agriculture
+ Education
+ Vocational training
+ And other economic empowerment activities.

Often, we have made loans in the agricultural sector assisting farmers, by subsidizing the purchase of fertilizers, seeds, renting of farmland and tools for large scale farming. We have been having tremendous results in terms of output and the management of the loans.

Vocational training is a means of equal opportunity for all especially the disabled and those who do not have the opportunity to attend formal education. Leéiyen has also given out loans for individuals to engage in activities like carpentry, tailoring, hair dressing, driving, shoe mending and a host of other activities. We have also purchase basic start-up equipment for small businesses. We are not leaving small economic activities such as petty trading, wholesale and retail trading which are sources of economic empowerment.

Leéiyen has a qualified staff who produce results that have a good mastery of the field and territory in which we operate. With such personnel, our years of experience we are gunning for results to change the lives of many. With these we have been creating a powerful impact for the poor and less fortunate as we do a very close follow-up to make sure the confidence level of those in any activity are boasted.
Currently if funds are available, then Leéiyen seeks to give loans to over 5000 extreme poor to get them out of poverty.

The end results of loans that change lives always have immeasurable results and a lasting impact as many more children will have the opportunity to go to school, better standards of living and general improvement of living conditions and hope to tackle life.