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Get Involved with us

Get involved and join us in building the bridge to a desireable world.

>> Sponsorship
Together we can;
+ Sponsor a child or children.
+ Provide a computer or recommend a project to someone or an organization.

>> Join Leéiyen
Become a Leéiyen ambassador to help spread goodwill and foster the vision of the organization.

You can also recommend Leéiyen to take part in a conference or seminar.
In view of a firm decision you undertake and in appreciation for your loyalty;
how great shall it be if a realized project is dedicated to your name or your honour!
You will be happy to know that your financial contribution helped to sponsor a child in school.

You will be most pleased to know your contributions and donations helped provide portable water to a community.

Your contributions will also help in career orientation, providing computers to schools and communities and sustainable development.

Moreover, your support of love could provide a day's meal or pay for a medical bill for a child.

You can donate now online or contact us about your Interest in donating or grant.