LEEIYEN How we Work

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How we Work

Leéiyen places a lot of value on the projects that she realizes as we consider sustainability of the various projects.

In addition to our core values, we lay emphasis on education and capacity building as tools for a meaningful change.

Leéiyen accepts that there is greatness in every one of us and we are out to bring out the power embeded in all of us.

>> Building bridges
This is a dynamic way that we try as much as we can to link those who have and those in need. That is, the poor who are in need and the rich who have the ability and potential to help.

Owing to lasting solutions to problems, we adopted the participatory approach where we involve the concerned beginning from the conception to the realization and implementation of various projects. With this measure, the people have confidence and tend to value a realized project and work to defend and maintain it.

To compliment things, we use the gender and development approach for issues relating to women. By this, we think equality can come if the women work with the men for a meaningful change and greater accomplishment.

We view the bottom top approach in terms of decisions and opinion as workable for any meaning and involving difference. Wherein the people at the bottom feel as part of the system and their voices heard.

Finally, we use the method we came out with which is a flexible approach to new situations. This often occurs during the implementation of project when you are faced with difficult circumstances and are bound to apply methods which were not otherwise previewed. The main advantage is that projects are not abandoned, but are realized within the stated time frame.

>> Strategy
Since Leéiyen seeks to uphold human dignity, we promote love and unity between people mostly in developing countries. We know that we can build bridges and turn stumbling blocks to stepping stones. We intend to, in compliance to our strategic planning;
+ Encourage invention and research in appropriate technology.
+ Do advocacy and policy enhancement.
+ Empower women and girls.
+ Pave access to resources for human development.
+ Provide Equal opportunities for all through vocational training/employment creation.