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Environmental Protection

Leéiyen considers a sustainable environment as the main tool of any meaningful change and a positive difference.

We will carry on with the dissemination of environmental information and education, protection of medicinal plants, environmental impact assessment of projects, wildlife protection and above, all fight climate change.

Most of these efforts and strategies are geared to mitigate anthropogenic causes of climate change and its negative effects on especially indigenous people.

The impact of our activities can lead to changes in attitudes and value system, rejuvenation of fresh water sources, reversal of infectious disease pattern, restoration of forest and promote the use of solar photovoltaic lighting system.

The Climate and the Environment
During the past century, our environment has undergone serious abuses leading to dramatic changes in our climate. We might be reaping the benefits of some of these abuses for the moment, but the consequences which are already here are catastrophic.

Our water bodies are polluted, our lands are becoming barren and our air space intoxicated. Our fauna and flora are gradually disappearing.

With this understanding, Leéiyen therefore seeks to:
Combat Environmental and climatic degradation by
+ Reinforcing local national, international government efforts and other bodies to fight environmental and climatic degradation.
+ Carrying out cutting edge research to understand the needs of the local masses with respect to the environment and the climate. This is to help governments in the formulation of applicable and sustainable environment laws.

Education of the Massess through:
+ Organization of environmental and climatic talks/seminars/workshops in schools, councils and other gathering of persons.
+ Publication of our environmental and climatic activities as outlined in (1) above.
+ The teaching of sustainable agricultural practices especially to the rural masses.

Empowerment of the Local Forest Masses:
About 1billion people rely on the forest for their livelihoods. Many have lived in the forest from time immemorial. To say the forest belongs to the government promotes even more damage to the forest and the environment because the government is nobody and is everybody. We support Community Forest Enterprises (CFEs) to reduce overdependence on the forest.






Can you imagine finding time to earn your living if you had to spend hours everyday collecting firewood?

One quarter of the population do not have reliable access to clean water

Water Purification Solar Cooking
Why Solar?
- Water Purification
- Killing Bacteria
- Reduce Water borne diseases
- Improve the Standard of living
- Less expensive
- Reduce Destrotation
- Reduce the damage to our health
- Safe energy.
SODIS method
Clear PET bottles are filled with water and set out in the sun for 6 hours. The sun light kills the germs such as bacteria, viruses and parasites. This method works when air and water temperature is low.
Solar Cooker
The Solar cooker uses the energy of he sun directly for preparing food just like the plants that use sunlight to prepare their food. Solar cookers are mainly used when the food is prepared outdoor and helps in lowering pollution, deforestation.