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Leeiyen Agriculture

With the entire advance in technology and evolution, majority of the people in developing countries economies depend on agriculture as a main resource. Even with 70% of the people who are involved in agricultural activities, the farm holdings are small, using primitive tools and basically using family manpower. Even with this dependence on agriculture, the yields are usually poor and resulting to famine, low consumption and thus less export to earn some income. Though the farming is of a subsistence nature, the communities are over involved with the application of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, ascaricides, nematicides, rodenticides, and mollucides many of which have been banned for their harmful effects on the environment and humans as well as to the general ecosystem.

There are prospects that if farming is organised, the yields can be increased and lead to abundance food supply. We are working closely with local farmers to adopt safe and cheap farming methods that produce more yields. Leéiyen is currently encouraging the practice of bio-farming using night paddock manuring farming system(NPMFS), agro forestry species that improves soil fertility(green manure) and compost(made by farmers or from urban waste). With the modernization of peasant agriculture, it will boast the standards of living of many and with all the merits and benefits that come with a boom. A country like China is a great example as it has greatly improved on its agricultural production and now is able to export to many advanced countries and no more relying on external support.

It is still a big challenge as we are into capacity building with the local population using seminars, workshops and agricultural shows or exhibitions to the best produce and practices to earn prizes. By constantly encouraging farmers, there has been marked improvement in their farming conduct. Leéiyen is very limited with resources and there is more to be done if we work together.

Most of the good ideas we have cannot be put to action as we lack the necessary funds to effectively realize our objective owing to the weak and indecisive nature of most governments in developing countries.